Here in Australia it is Spring and I am sitting here while a storm brews, my kids are half way through September school holidays and then it’s term 4 and full steam ahead toward the end of the year! 3/4 of my children have their birthdays during term 4 so I need to start thinking about gifts and celebrations. Since having Miss #4, we’ve decided to cut down on the big Pinterest-style birthday parties (sorry baby) and go with a more relaxed (read: easy for mum) style celebration – ie cousins over after school for a swim and iced chocolates! Honestly, the cut-back has not even been noticed by the girls and they love it just as much! Which makes me wonder exactly WHO I was doing the parties for… (ok, maybe it was me).

This month in the shop, I have added some cute notecards in a set of 10 – all duplicates with a matching metallic envelope. They are lovely – check out this lovely floral design. A set of 10 is $16.95.

The featured freebie for September is a little different to my usual style. I have so much interest in my black and white designs, that I thought I’d do this for the freebie…
I am so passionate about girls and women knowing that they are loved. That they are worth everything – that they have a hope for their future and an anchor for their souls.

So, I would love it if you would download this free print, even if you don’t know anyone to give it to now, you can save it – file it away – and you might just find that the perfect opportunity turns up.

It’s a cute one to make into a greeting card or to frame for the wall. You can download it on my featured freebies page.

I pray for His blessings, favour, protection and grace over your lives this month.

Blessings, Gemma x

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