I am a make-the-bed person.

I heard a speech that really resonated with me recently, by a Navy Seal Admiral, outlining the benefits of making your bed. Among other points he explained that making your bed in the morning sets you on a path of achieving your tasks. It is the first of many jobs completed. It will give you a small sense of pride. It sets you on your way to a good day. It will also reinforce to you and remind you that the little things in life matter. And if by chance, your day is not a good one, at least you will return home to a made bed waiting for you. Something to be thankful for and something to give you hope that tomorrow will be a new, better day. So lets head into 2018 with our beds made and our hearts thankful.

“In everything, give thanks.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

So with that said, my January freebie is a favourite in the shop…my gorgeous THANKFUL print. Head over to the ‘Featured Freebie’ page to check it out 🙂

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