I feel as if I am returning to some sort of normality after having my bub, 7 months ago. Even though my sleep is broken (and almost non-existent) and the house is not under control as much as I would like it to be, these school holidays have reminded me of my fun mum-ness. The mum I “usually” am. The mum I remember being. Before I had morning sickness, before I was too big to bend over, before I was too heavy to run. Before I had a newborn, before I had to breast feed round the clock, before when my clothes fit. That mum. The strong mum. I was fit, I was strong. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Pregnancy and birth stripped me of my physical strength – my belly muscles separated and my core strength was depleted. My mental and emotional strength are not what they normally are while dealing with lack of sleep. But – my spiritual strength? It is always there because He is my refuge and my strength (Psalm 46). The weaker I am, the more of His strength that shows up. It completes me and makes up for everything I lack. What a relief! My safety net. My refuge.

And sometimes He calls us to things that we don’t have the strength for. To start something. To follow a dream. To give something up. To carry on. To forgive. All I can hope for, in those scary times, is that I will fall on Him. To be brave and let go.

This month’s FREEBIE is one from the shop. So download your print, put it on your wall and remember to be strong and courageous in Him.

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