“If you ever want to know what a Mum’s brain is like…Imagine your laptop with 5471 tabs open. All. The. Time.”

I shared this funny meme on facebook last month. Being a mum to four, I have something on the go all the time – usually more than one thing, actually. Quite a few more. So I totally related to this and had a chuckle at how aptly it describes my state of mind. But in hindsight, I am realising that the fact that I totally related to this is may be a sign that I’m not making enough time for God. I know that I am in a season of life where I need to juggle a number of things and that is unavoidable. I need to know which day is piano lessons, what we’re having for dinner, who needs their sport shirt, where that permission form is, if I am keeping up with the bills, when baby is due for a feed, who has a doctor appointment and who has a birthday party to go to. All the while dreaming up designs for a custom order and calculating how many days I have until I hit that ATO deadline. Etc etc etc.

There is a lot to juggle being a mum but I won’t be able to keep all those balls in the air if I am not taking a breath of the Lord’s sustaining oxygen. His rest, peace and guidance. His encouragement, His conviction. The way He changes the way I think about a situation. The way He speaks life into my heart. His reassurance. His validation.

So… while I can’t forget all those tabs – I can spend time with Him before I open them. I can pause them for a few moments during the day. I can set my phone aside. I can turn the music down. I can pray. I can be still before Him and let him take over. Because, gosh, I could really use a hand!

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10
“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” Psalm 37:7

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