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Colossians 2:3 TPT

For our spiritual wealth is in him, like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered—heaven’s wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge.


Have you ever brought a worry or problem to wise counsel? Someone who you trust to be Godly and have the intention of God’s heart?

I’ve noticed in my life that when a wise friend responds to my problem, it always comes with such grace and peace and will often change my perspective quite radically. So that I see the situation in a whole new light. I would even describe it as revelatory. When God reveals something to you and it brings you quickly into clarity – this is revelation knowledge.

Colossians tells us that spiritual wealth – wisdom and revelation knowledge – is in Him like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Isn’t that such a great description of how it feels when we are desperately seeking advice and then receive Godly, wise direction?

Proverbs 4 also highlights revelation knowledge and the need to invest in it. Investing indicates that we will need to give up something, in order to receive. It may be seeking out wise counsel to surround us, or committing our time to be in the Word, or being still before Him and waiting on His reply. All of these investments will see us growing our spiritual wealth and in turn, being able to apply heaven’s wisdom to our own lives.

This wealth of wisdom and revelation knowledge, is just another promise waiting for you to receive it.


Prayer and Reflection

Take a moment to thank God for revelation knowledge and wisdom waiting for you.

Now, recall a time that you have received His revelation knowledge. How did He reveal it to you? Commit to investing in the pursuit of His wisdom and knowledge.

Finally, be still before Him and listen for what He is saying to you. Write it down here.

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