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#13 | SELAH + the Secret Place



Selah + the Secret Place is all about finding intimacy with Him. Take a moment to pause and reflect – ‘selah’ – in your daily life. It is about finding the secret place where He is waiting for you and going there often.





It can be challenging to just be still. To sit in the quiet and wait for His voice. To pause and reflect in a posture of praise and repentance. To rest in the silence and slow our thoughts. To clear the distractions until we are alone with His presence. What would it look like to include ‘selah’ into our everyday?

This collection dives into the Scriptures about going to the secret place and how we can include ‘selah’ into our lives: not just once but so that we keep going back again and again.

COLLABORATION with Bindi Taneal Photography

Bindi’s stunning photo’s of rural Australia feature in three of the Selah prints and also throughout the devotional journal. The gate, the sunflower and the buffel grass are all Bindi’s work and taken in CQ Australia. See more of Bindi’s stunning photos here.

This collection comes in a variety of formats including:
– the Print Collection (10x professionally printed exclusive prints on 360gsm cardstock)
– the Print + Prayer Collection (10x professionally printed exclusive prints on 360gsm cardstock + 1x beautifully styled devotional prayer journal)
– the Print + Prayer Boxed Set (10x professionally printed exclusive prints on 360gsm cardstock + 1x beautifully styled devotional prayer journal + 1x pine print holder, boxed)

Collections are NOT REPRINTED as they are a part of the Print + Prayer Subscription.


The Print + Prayer Collections help women fit God’s Word into their busy lives.

The devotional reading will give you context and further Scripture references on the theme. Whether it suits you to journal every day in the booklet or to just display the prints and pray, God will meet you there. You will find this an easy and enjoyable way to invest in your Spiritual growth.

Get ready to be changed by the incredible Word of God!

Printed Collections are only available while stocks last and will not be reprinted.

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Print + Prayer Collection (prints + book), Print + Prayer Collection with Print Holder (boxed), Prints only Collection


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