What is the print subscription?

The subscription is for collections of 10-12, one off and limited edition designs that will only be available within their collections *. The prints will range in sizes up to A5 and will be Scripture and prophetic words relating to a biblical theme.

My heart for Glory Gifts and Designs is to get God’s living word into more people’s homes, hands and hearts. His word is not just good advice… when we ingest His Scripture it plants within us and begins to grow and change us from within. It is alive. We become stronger, wiser, kinder, more loving, more peaceful. We are changed. I want everyone to experience the life-changing impact His word can have in our lives. So I would LOVE it if you would join with me in this ministry – sign up for the subscription and you will be armed with 10-12 gorgeous, life-breathing prints every 2 months. You may like to display all these in your home, keep one on your desk or give some away.

Each collection will be themed – both in topic and colour, so you can display the matching prints as a set.

You may sign up for Two Collections (over 4 months), Three Collections (over 6 months) or a Yearly Subscription (Six Collections over 12 months – that is up to 72 limited edition prints!). Alternatively, you may purchase individual collections, while stocks last. (Don’t worry – subscribers will be guaranteed their collections.)

*FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide. Email me for international shipping rates: hello@glorygiftsanddesigns.com

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