Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! Psalm 116:2

I have been learning more about prayer and hearing from God lately – through my devotionals, our current sermon series and in my own quiet time with Him. The magnitude of how great it is that our Holy Heavenly Father bends down to listen to both the quiet, timid whispers of my soul and also my most urgent pleadings, basically astounds me. But I believe it because He answers me, He speaks to me and He changes me. In fact, I cannot even imagine life without this conversation.

This month’s free printable wall art is a simple reflection of what we are required to do. Pray. It is a great little reminder – when we might usually be complaining or panicking or venting to a friend. Our best course of action is to pray.

Gift boxes launched this month and I am so very grateful for all the wonderful encouragement from you! Thank you for the orders and I really hope there are some very happy recipients out there! If you haven’t checked out the new Glory Gift Boxes, please do. Mothers Day is coming up and I will very soon be launching a little bonus offer if you order your box for mum this year in my early bird time period. Please kindly keep in mind that I am a one-man-band (so to speak) and every order is processed and packed by me alone. The lead up to Mothers Day gets very very busy, so any early planning really helps me out!

I will also be at the Bridgman Downs Twilight Market at the end of April – I would love to see you there – please come and say hello!

I hope you are all having a wonderful March! Blessings, Gemma x