Another Monday morning.  Today Miss #2 has a talk to present at school. She is not much of a ‘rehearser’ – more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of girl – if you know what I mean. I spent the weekend trying to decide how much pleading her to practise was my job and when she should just reap the consequences of her own decisions (keep in mind she is only 6!)  Anyway, she confidently practised for me after dinner last night and was super excited for the next day so I felt like maybe I had the balance right. Of course, at bedtime she couldn’t get to sleep because she was worried about her talk all of a sudden…you know how stuff gets real when you are lying there in the dark… and this morning she got up tired and adding to her 6 year old woes was a blocked nose.  And still nervous about her talk.

It is a busy house at our place on school mornings. 2 at school, 1 at kindy and my sweet 12 week old babe. A big part of my morning with four girls is being the hairstylist/therapist. This is the time getting their hair done when they also offload their little hearts and we solve as many troubles as we can in the time it takes to do a French braid. Yes, technically they can do their own hair but then I would miss this time with each of them.

I listen and take it all in and one by one, big and small, it builds up in my own heart and lifts off theirs. Sometimes, like today, they need to live through their trouble to grow in confidence and skill. I love that and hate that about parenting. I wish I could take her blocked nose and do her talk for her but of course that wouldn’t help her in the long run (not to mention be totally embarrassing!) because what she really wanted deep down was to be encouraged and have that feeling of success after she does it herself.

This got me thinking about God’s love for me. How I’ve heard those words “God will be with you always” and that story about the footprints in the sand but it has never felt as real to me as it does now that I’m a mum.

He loves me in the same way. Taking troubles off my heart to lighten my load, if I will just open up to Him. Wanting to intervene and take all the hard stuff out of my life but knowing He has given us free will and knowing that the hard stuff will make me grow. In the same way that I can be there for Miss #2 and support her through life, God does that for me.

He feels fiercely protective of me just like I do when I see another kid saying something mean to one of my girls. He longs for me to be happy. To be successful. To love and have love.

On that note – here is a little freebie to pin up on your pin board, stick to the fridge, or even just save as your phone or pc wallpaper to remind you what to do with your troubles. Just click on the red DOWNLOAD NOW button to download the high res jpg file (not in the frame as the preview shows) 🙂

Gemma x

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