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Have you heard an infant baby’s cry for milk? It is desperate, relentless and won’t be satisfied by anything else. The Apostle Peter likens this intense need to the way we should crave God’s Word.

Desperate, relentless and won’t be satisfied by anything else.

He explains that just as milk nourishes a baby, the ‘spiritual milk’ of God’s Word will cause us to grow into maturity – fully nourished and strong for life (1 Peter 2:2 TPT).

When a child is physically malnourished they fail to grow at a healthy rate, their behaviour changes (they become irritable and unable to cope with life), they are more susceptible to infection and disease, plus they are less able to fight infection and disease when it does occur.

This description strikes a remarkable resemblance to what happens in us when we are not saturated in His Word.

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