Hey guys! It’s freebie time again! This month I have got something a little different for you! In case you need a break from the pink watercolour flowers (actually who am I kidding, who could get sick of pink flowers?!) I have made up a cute little black and white printable – suitable for displaying as it is or alternatively, you could colour it in! You could even print it 20 times and use it for your class or group.

The verse featured this month is “His mercies are new every morning.” Lamentations 3:23. Praise God for that! As a mum I pray that my mercies are new every morning! Some weeks – the days are long and tiring. Bedtime takes much, much longer than I would like. There are complaints. There are sneaky escapes. There are tears. Finally I get them all asleep and the baby wakes up. Then she wakes again and again. Gah! Some nights are hard.

But in the morning, even though it may feel like there has been no break and not enough rest, the day begins again. My beautiful children come out for breakfast and I must renew my mercy. I must continue with my steadfast love because THAT is what He shows me over and over. No amount of ANYTHING I do will stop His mercies renewing for me in the morning.

Grab the printable here and remember His steadfast love and His new mercy. I hope you love it!

Gem x

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