The other day I read this great Facebook post from the wonderful Havilah Cunnington:
“I see ministry people [specifically moms] let their families play a secondary role in their lives. They get busy running around trying to ‘save the world’ but neglect their own homes. I believe this in part has to do with the glorification of all things outside the home, the undervaluing of the things that are unseen, monotonous, and often under qualified for the over qualified woman.
I received the greatest breakthrough in my life when I began to see my duties at home as sacred. The greeting team at church was just as valuable as making a home cooked meal for my kids. My time at home is my space to learn, grow, & be formed into the image of God. Serve God is serving my children. Period.”

Why is this such a struggle for so many of us? At the end of last year I had my fourth baby. God prepared me for this year (in part!) by enforcing the idea of ‘the best yes’ (written by Lysa Terkeurst – SO GOOD, read it!!) and minimalizing into my life. I wasn’t sure how to give up the ministries I was a part of and I wasn’t sure if I would still be as valued without it. Through a lot of prayer and redirection, I felt His calling to let go of the rest and focus on my family this year. I am so glad that I did! 4 kids is a doozy! And the incredible thing is that when I made room in my life, He handed me other opportunities to change the path of my life. Things that I can do at home with a bub. Things that can work around my most important ministry – my family.

As mums, it is hard to know what the right thing to do is, all the time. Should I stay at home with the kids and be there whenever they need me or should I go to work and set an example of an independent woman? Facing a tantrum, should I be firm or should I be soft? Should I let them stay home when they are tired or should I encourage them to go and be strong? Should I step in or teach them resilience? Should I give them that or should I teach them patience? Should I reward them for good behaviour or should I just expect it?

Sometimes we hear God speaking so definitely in our lives and sometimes I think He wants us to decide on a path ourselves. No  matter what, He is with us whatever we decide – whichever path we choose, He loves us the same and our worth in Him is the same – and that is all the validation we need.

On that note – funny freebie today – quote by the awesome JD Salinger from Catcher in the Rye. I think he’s onto something here.

Gemma x

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