Hi Marianne! Thanks so much for sharing your story today! Tell us a little about yourself and the heart behind Kairos Creative Studio?

My name is Marianne, I am wife to the love of my life Edwin and a mother to two precious boys, Hezekiah (4 yo) and Ezra (8 months). I am a passionate creative, a word girl (you guessed it my love language is ‘words of affirmation’) and a kingdom entrepreneur. I love sunshine, fresh air, spending quality time with my family and quiet time with a cup of tea and a good book. I live in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. 

The heart behind Kairos Creative Studio is to create collections of hand stamped jewellery, note cards and gifts that capture the heartbeat of Heaven. Our hand stamped jewellery is our most loved collection and every piece is made with love, covered in prayer and inspired by Scripture. My prayer is that our collections would encourage, uplift and strengthen people in every season with the Word of God. 

Can you tell us about a specific word (or calling) that God has put on your heart?

In spring of 2012, God gave me a vision. In this vision I could see a multitude of women and inside each of the women were seeds. He showed me that these seeds needed to be watered and nurtured and in due season they would become a great harvest. I believe with this vision God awakened within me a calling to mentor and mobilise women to walk in their true identity and God-given purpose. Fast forward 7 years later to today, in this very season, I believe God has called me to step into what He showed me in the vision. 

There have been countless conversations I have been so blessed to be a part of and I believe there is a great awakening in women across the globe. God is raising up a company of women who will no longer settle for the status quo. They know deep within that there is more and they are hearing the call to step into who they truly are and what they have been purposed to do. It is such an exciting time we are living in, especially as Daughters of God! 

What would you say to women who are nervous about stepping out in faith to follow a dream?

I love this question! As someone who battled with fear when God called me to step out and launch Kairos Creative Studio 9 months ago, I wholeheartedly understand how you feel! I encourage you to choose faith over fear and take your first step! Partner with God and say YES. Trust him and trust the process. Remember to spend time daily with Jesus! It is vital to take time to be still, to praise and worship him, to read your Bible and journal the conversations you have with him. This will be a key to walking out your dream with God! 

You have beautiful encouragement cards in your shop. Can you tell us a bit about the words anointed and assigned’ ?

These two words are so special! ‘Anointed and Assigned’ is inspired by the book of Esther (one of my favourite books in the Bible). Esther was an orphan and God raised her up to become a Queen, who would one day save the lives of her people. Even though there were so many other women who could have been chosen by the King, God had anointed and assigned Esther to be Queen. It was her destiny! Our ‘Anointed and Assigned’ encouragement card is a reminder that regardless of your upbringing or the circumstances that you may find yourself in, that God has a call upon your life and you are Anointed and Assigned to make a difference! 

Can you describe how you see God show up in your life every day?

I see God show up in my every day life in many ways but my most favourite is through the conversations I have with him. I love that he is always speaking to us and it is such a blessing to be able to hear what’s on his heart and to ask him for his thoughts and perspective on all things. Often he will speak to me through conversations I have with people, scripture, signs and billboards as I’m driving, songs I’m listening to and even through the children’s movies that I watch with my babies. He loves to show up in creative ways.


Thank you so much Marianne, for your willingness to share and speak life into other women! We are praying for you and may the Lord bless you and your ministry!

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