Hello! And welcome! This is my first blog post for 2017 and I am so excited for what this year holds. I just love the feeling of a new year – so fresh and new. 2017 is a new school year for my girls; grade 3, grade 1 and kindy – and my fourth baby girl’s first year. My hubby and I run our own consulting business, which is still very new and we are still figuring all that out – like where the next job will come from! We live our lives out under God’s direction and feel His prompting in all our decisions. Our hope and our trust is in Him for this and the next chapter of our lives all the time. We know He has led us to the wonderful life that we have and He will take us to great places when we follow Him.
Glory in her Midst Designs was one of these promptings and I am absolutely delighting in making custom prints for my very lovely customers and hearing from people who have bought a print and what they have done with it.
It is really on my heart to give away lots of free printables on here for anyone to print and frame for their home. Today I’m giving away this gorgeous ‘rise up, take courage & do it’ print. Simply click on the preview below to download it to your PC!
Just a quick note – this print is a gift for you for personal use only – under no circumstances can you re-sell it. In the preview it is pictured in a frame. The download is the print only.
I hope you love it! Gemma x

Download Now


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