I have been wanting to do a GRACE wall print for a while. Something simple yet significant. Something with outstanding beauty that carries boldness.

I find it hard to put into words the significance of His grace to me. What it means to me. How I strive to live up to His example to me but always fail. In parenting, in marriage, in relationships with others. It is so easy to treat people ‘how they deserve’ and so hard to overcome feelings of hurt, indignation, and pride to show grace. It feels like rubbing salt in a wound, like letting them get away with it. Like saying you accept being treated that way.

But is that how we see Christ when we receive His grace? When I receive His undeserving grace, forgiveness and favour everyday, every hour, every minute – I don’t think He is weak and a pushover. I don’t think He is letting me get away with my poor attitude or my bad reaction. I am just overwhelmingly humbled and desperately grateful.

Showing grace is a sign of strength not weakness. Is there someone who doesn’t deserve your grace today? Give it anyway.

To download my amazing GRACE print – simply click on ‘download now’ and save the image to your computer. Then you may print it as many times as you like.

All rights to this digital print belong to Glory in her Midst Designs. This print is to be used for PERSONAL use only and not to be sold under any circumstance.

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