Hey guys. So this morning is Monday and I had one of THOSE mornings. The weather here has been so terribly hot – we are in a heatwave – which makes bedtime hard when there is no air-con in the bedrooms. We are lucky enough to have our lounge room air-conditioned so we set up mattresses on Saturday night for the kids to sleep in there (like a super fun weekend sister sleepover – also a scheme to help them to get along!) Saturday night was very exciting and it took them a while to get to sleep. No probs – it’s the weekend. Then yesterday they begged and begged to be allowed to sleep in there again, which we said was fine AS LONG AS THEY GO TO SLEEP ON TIME. They promised they would with many thank yous and yays and of course we wills. All I will say about that is HA HA HA HA HA HA. NO THEY DID NOT.

So, needless to say, this morning I had 3 tired, cranky girls who weren’t too excited about a hot day at school and a baby to juggle. We had every drama under the sun and I had used up every bribe, threat and condolence by they time I left that school car park.

I am thinking that I deserve as many coffees as I want today.

On that note – here is another freebie! I have it framed next to my coffee machine. It would be great on your office desk too. Just click on the DOWNLOAD NOW below to save it to your desktop. Please remember my freebies are for personal use only (to keep yourself or give as a gift), under no circumstance are you permitted to resell it.

Enjoy x

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