Do you dream? I don’t mean those weird ramblings of your inner mind while you sleep – I mean, do you dream for something more than where you are? It changed me to realise that God wants me to soar on my dreams. That those quiet little yearnings are His desires and talents that He gave me to use to glorify Him. That His dreams are better than what I had ever imagined.

“Your natural abilities are God’s suggestions for your life’s work” – Dr Clyde Narramore
I’m not sure why I find this quote so wonderful. Maybe because it validates who I am and what I want for my life. Without qualifications, without success, without monetary success, without expectation or pressure. Just me.

Allison Davidson changed my life when I read in her book ‘Give me a dream’ that “we do not always give the appropriate value to something that we find simple to do.” Those things that we might dismiss as easy for everyone, might very well be our natural God-given ability!

What are your deep down longings? What are your natural talents that you don’t have time to use? What do you love to do? Who are you?

‘A dream fulfilled is sweet to the soul’ Proverbs 13:19. So true!

Gemma x

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