Hello friends! I’m so glad to have so many new subscribers this month! Thank you!

I have had a busy month with two of my girls’ birthdays. My second eldest turned 7 and celebrated with her cousins, a swim and iced chocolates overflowing with whipped cream. My third turned 5 and she requested a princess tea party with her kindy friends. I have secretly been wanting to do a mini tea party since I had my eldest, so I was all in! Such a fun time and so many memories for them to store away. They both had their day to be spoilt and showered with gifts and this presented the opportunity to talk about thankfulness. Giving thanks comes from within, it is not just a throw away word. Our lives are brighter, more fulfilling and we are more content when our hearts are grateful. The Lord God will change our bitter hearts and plant seeds of gratefulness if we just ask and allow Him in to change us from the inside out. Sometimes we need a little reminder to change our attitude or perspective… so on that note, here is this month’s free printable wall art!

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Just a note that I am changing the way that I offer my free printables. Going forward, I will have a featured free print for a month on the FEATURED FREEBIE page – you will need to download the file in that month if you want it. Then the next month a new featured freebie will be available 🙂

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