So with four kids, two businesses and numerous ministries, our household is BUSY. And I know most of you are too.  I was just thinking how the only way that anything happens here successfully, is being organised! I hate that feeling of everything being a reaction. You know those days? When the tasks of being a home-maker all crash down one after the other and you can’t seem to get on top of it. Those jobs surprising you and reminding you all the time how you are not ahead of the game.

Well here are my top 8 ways to run an ORGANISED household and be one step ahead 🙂

  1. MORNING AND AFTERNOON ROUTINE – Set a strict routine with TIMES up somewhere for your kids to see. Write it in words if they are old enough to read, draw pictures if they are pre-school age. (Download my FREE morning routine printable below.) We have a morning routine and an afternoon routine stuck to our fridge. The kids refer to it all the time and I no longer have to remind them all what they are doing 10 times. It’s the only way to get everyone on the same page.
  2. DAILY ROUTINE – if you can, set a day each week when you will do certain chores. Set a day that you will always do your groceries, set a day when you will clean the floors and a day when you will water the plants. Set a day when you will wash the clothes. Depending on your schedule these might all fall on the same day or your might need to set it for the weekend or night time. Whatever works for your lifestyle, lock it in so that it doesn’t get pushed back. Give priority to it.
  3. TEAMWORK – we run our family with a team mentality. We have a list of jobs and attitudes that are required if the kids want to earn their pocket money for the week. We also have a list of jobs that are considered extra jobs to help mum or dad and they can earn a reward ticket for each of these. On Saturdays reward tickets can be reimbursed for extra money or saved up to be cashed in for a family activity etc. Whatever works for you. Get everyone to work together toward the same goal of an organised home.
  4. PICK IT UP – this might sound strange but something that changed my home was when I decided not to walk past something on the floor or something out of place. See it, pick it up and put it away. Don’t think “I’ll do it later” because it adds up to a huge job. This leads to my next tip.
  5. HAVE A HOME FOR EVERYTHING – and I mean everything. On the bench is not a good home for your bills. The coffee table is not a good home for your kids lego. Yes, by all means let your kids play lego on the coffee table if that is the best spot but this is not it’s HOME. Have a home for everything and make it easy for yourself and your family to pack things away. I have all the kids uniforms hanging on a cheap Kmart clothes rack in our laundry all the time so they always know where their uniforms are and I can very easily at a quick glance see if anyone is needing a clean shirt. Get storage boxes for your kids to chuck their toys into when they are done with a game. Have a spot for the kids to dump their school bags that is out of the way and not right in the doorway. If you can, have a space away from the common areas of your home for your kids to play and be kids without overtaking every room of the house with their toys or craft or loom bands or lounge bombing.
  6. BE A GOOD ‘YESTERDAY YOU’ – think about what will make tomorrow easier and try to do something today to ease the pressure. I freeze a loaf of sandwiches on Sundays for the week ahead so I don’t have that extra task on school mornings. It is a small job but it all adds up. I cook double of meals that are just as easy to cook twice as much and freeze half for another night. Another very simple way to get ahead of tomorrow, is before you go to bed, have a quick look over the kitchen and make sure it’s tidy for breakfast time in the morning. Be grateful for the yesterday you.
  7. DECLUTTER – I cannot express how much difference this makes. I totally relate to the saying “A cluttered home, a cluttered mind”. Clear your bench and your table as a general rule not just before you need to use the space. Get rid of stuff you don’t need or use. Regularly go through your cupboards and see what is hiding in the back. I often find things that can be re-purposed or that I have forgotten I had! Having too much stuff makes it so hard to keep on top of a tidy home.
  8. MAKE THE BEST YES – Time is precious. Energy is precious. Don’t waste it. Identify your time-wasters and cut them out of your day.

Hope my little tips can help you in some small way! Please leave me a comment with your tips on keeping your household organised! x

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