I am the youngest of five kids, with a span of 17 years from my eldest sister to me. When I look back on my childhood, I remember it with an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and a peaceful home. Now that I have my own children and my own home, I realise how amazing that is. In a house full of teenagers, all I remember is feeling peaceful! In my home now, I have four daughters and I strive to give them those memories of a peaceful childhood as well.

Here are my 5 tips to increase the peace in your home:

  1. Leave time. Don’t schedule every minute of every day of your week. Leave much time to be still before God. To release anxiety, stress and worries to Him. To hear Him speak back and wait for His peace to fill your heart. Only say yes to what He is calling you to do – then do it well and to His glory.
  2. Speak to each other gently and with kindness. Even if you’re tired. Even if you are right and he is wrong. Even if you have had to ask the same thing 10 times and still no one is listening. Speak gently and kindly in a toddler tantrum. Speak gently and kindly to your spouse – when you’re busy in the morning, when you’re tired at the end of the day, when you’re disagreeing. I so much want to teach my children the power of gentleness and self control in conversation.
  3. Use music to lighten the mood. I play that silly song from Madagascar “I like to move it” to signal to my kids that they have 5 minutes until we leave the house…instead of yelling down the hall to them over and over.  Not only does it work to replace my yelling but it also puts them in a good mood!
  4. Declutter your living spaces (and all spaces if you can!). Decluttering your spaces with leave your mind clearer and let you breathe easier!
  5. Set a regular time to just have fun and be together with your family. Enjoy each other, listen to each other, laugh together, play a game, encourage each other. Connect with each other.

I hope these small tips can be of some use to you today! x

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